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Your Journey with Maria & Mohamed

In 2021, my soul called me (Maria) to Egypt – my own mystery journey of Isis along the Nile was waiting for me. I traveled alone through this country for three weeks. Visited the temples, magical places and discovered today’s Egypt for myself. In Luxor I found my home, my husband and father of my child Mohamed.

Traveling through Egypt presents some challenges and pitfalls. I traveled alone to immerse myself deeply in the ancient energies with my body and soul. .

I also make this way of traveling possible for you. Together with my husband, I will organize your individual trip to Egypt. I will lead you as High Priestess through the temples, up the Nile and into the desert. A very unique Journey in an intimate, family setting, in your own pace, individually and freely, far away from any classic tourist program


Our Baby is born! Welcome Rahim, our sweet little Horus Child.

Just in time for the new moon on January 11th, 2024, our precious Child was born into this world. From now on all trips will be accompanied by the three of us.

We are currently fully booked until the end of April. You can book your individual trip from May.

The Mysteries Journey of Isis - Group Experience

11 Days Egypt

19th - 30th September 2024

Your Isis mystery journey as a group experience: September 19th – September 30th, 2024. 5 nights in Luxor and 5 nights on the beautiful Dahabiya up the Nile to Aswan. For women and men. Do not miss the special offer for couples.


My Mission

Many women and men feel a great longing for the temples of Egypt, but feel deterred from traveling to this country by the current circumstances. Others underestimate the challenges Egypt poses. The really transformative energies of the country, external factors such as the heat, the poverty, the garbage and also the mostly, unfortunately, quite pushy people who work in tourism. Traveling is also not as easy as we Europeans are used to.

Together with my husband, I organize trips for those who really want to dive deeply into the energies of Egypt. We create a safe space in which everyone can easily feel at home, far away from the typical tourist program.

As the high priestess of Hathor and Isis, I also carry a key within me that allows you to feel the temples in their original, pure energy. I open portals between space and time and with my help you bring lost soul parts back home. With each temple you encounter and embody your soul essence more deeply and truly

Our Egypt: Authentic and familiar

One of my most important values is authenticity. In our home, every guest can and should feel as welcome as they truly are. So far we have found that every guest feels at home from the first moment they stay with us. We make the trips on site as flexible as possible, so your individual journey can unfold freely before your feet.

Egypt today also offers so much potential for healing, heart opening and much more. It is an important part of my offer. Living together, my Egyptian husband and family, life here in Luxor – all of this makes the trips something very special. This includes a lunch at my husband’s parents’ house, with food lovingly prepared for hours, as well as a walk through the simple neighborhoods of Luxor and spontaneous, smaller excursions outside of the fixed program.

Mohamed and I live in a relationship full of cultural and religious contrasts, on the journey to create a new path together. We invite you to be inspired by more than just the energies of the temples. Far from prejudices, we can learn a lot from our counterparts.

Book your get to know Call with Maria

Under “Soul Travel” you will find an overview of our offer. I would be happy to explain your options in a personal conversation, even if it involves traveling without us, but with our support. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you!

"The trip with Maria was magical, indescribable and emotional. In Egypt I experienced many emotional highs and lows that I was only able to get through thanks to Maria's support. Even a year later, I am endlessly grateful for this unique opportunity. I will never forget the experiences . With Maria I visited temples and hidden places before the tourists came. It was simply magical. Maria's knowledge and passion made the trip unforgettable. The encounters with locals touched my soul. Thanks to Maria's care, I was able to fully surrender to the emotional moments. I recommend anyone who feels the call to visit Egypt to do so with Maria. It is a journey that is deeply touching. Thank you Maria for this unforgettable experience."