11 days through the temples and Powerplaces of Egypt along the Nile.

19th. – 30th. September 2024

A trip for like-minded people who feel the call of Egypt. For curious adventurers – who prefer to follow their hearts rather than trust their minds.

For those who want to connect to the energies of the temples, the Nile and the land, in a familiar setting, outside of any standard tourist program.

11 day group trip through Egypt

4-8 people

5 nights in Luxor in a shared house

5 nights on the Dahabiya (traditional sailing ship)

Temple visits:

Karnak Temple Luxor, Hathor Temple Dendera, Khnum in Esna, Horus Temple Edfu, Kom-Ombo Temple of Sobek, Gebel el Silsila, Isis Temple Aswan.

+ another temple

Aside from that: authentic Egypt, Egyptian cuisine, free program together with the group and much more.

As a priestess of ancient Egypt, I have the magic and the key to open the energies of ancient Egypt to you.

Together with my Egyptian husband, I offer you a travel experience that you will never find again.

Together we open a space in which you feel safe and secure from the first second.

"Whoever says Mary must also say Mohammed. Both make the stay something special. Why? They never intrude on you, they give you space, you are really warmly welcomed and they make everything possible for you. Maria opens doors to the soul to ancient Egypt ( and to himself) Mohammed organized like a world champion. And both of them as a team offer something like a home in Egypt. You feel safe. Highly recommended and happy again and again."

The Details

Day 1-5 Luxor

Luxor as the spiritual center of Egypt – and our home, home to numerous temples, ancient tombs and the Nile.


In addition to the temple visits, we will let the journey unfold freely before our feet. Traditional lunch with my Egyptian family, a sailing trip with the Feluka, lemon nana in the souk, a walk through the desert in Luxor…


In Luxor, Mohamed and I will take care of your physical well-being (Mohamed is a top chef). We will live with the group in a house rented for the trip.

Day 1 in Luxor: Arrival

Day 2 in Luxor: Grounding

Before we push you and the group straight into the first temple and possibly overload your system, we will first give you the chance to get used to the energies, the land and everything that goes with it. We start the day together with a lovingly prepared breakfast, get to know each other and then set off to explore Luxor at the right time. This usually includes a boat trip on the Nile in one of those typically colorful egyptian motorboat.

Day 3 in Luxor: Karnak Temple

Early in the morning at 5:30 a.m. we set off together by boat to the temple. At sunrise we enter Egypt’s largest and oldest temple complex, whose energies have been regenerated overnight from the mass flow of tourists. The goddesses and gods lead us through the facility to exactly the places that are energetically relevant for the group. Around midday we leave the temple via the Sphinx Avenue and catch up on our late breakfast/ early Lunch in the boat on the Nile.

Day 4 in Luxor: Trip to Dendera, Temple of Hathor

Egypt’s probably most beautiful and magical temple (in my opinion and in many of my previous guests) is not in Luxor but not far away. At around 6 a.m. we set off for this place that I like to call home. This temple, which is told to be around 2000 years old, houses and guards energies that are much older. Accessible to those who are worthy of it with a pure heart and partially hidden in the numerous catacombs, niches, “hidden” rooms and chapels. Welcome Home Habibi.

Day 5 in Luxor: open Program

Our last full day in Luxor and open program.


Where will it call the group?


There are so many exciting places in Luxor waiting to be discovered:


Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut (Deir el Bahari), Valley of the Worker (Deir el Medina), the small Isis Temple on the edge of the desert (Deir el Schelwit), Medinet Habu Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings and Queens, or a trip to Abydos to the Temple of Osiris.

Day 6-11: Journey with the Dahabiya

Day 6: Journey with the Dahabiya, Esna Temple of Khnum

We leave Luxor and make our way to Esna by private bus. Not only our Dahabiya awaits us here, but also the beautifully restored Temple of Khnum. Not much remains of the original temple, apart from the large hypostyle hall, but it’s worth a visit to marvel at the colorful pillars and ceilings!


We then board the Dahabiya, travel up the Nile like the pharaohs did and enjoy its energy to the fullest. A trip on a sailing ship like this is an incomparable and unforgettable experience!


The Nile cradles and welcomes us in its arms and lets us forget any time in the here and now.

Day 7: Edfu, Temple of Horus

The evening before we stopped just outside Edfu and spent a quiet night. At sunrise we make our way to Edfu, where the impressive Temple of Horus awaits us. The Husband of Hathor represents the sacred male energies in a beautifully present but unobtrusive way. Feel for yourself what messages this place of power has in store for you.

During our journey on the Nile, we stop at lonely stretches of sand, take the opportunity to bath in the holy waters of the Nile or have a barbecue in the evening under the stars. If you like, visit the camel market in Daraw or the souk in Aswan.

Day 8: KomOmbo, Temple of Sobek

Sobek, the crocodile-headed god of the Egyptians, was associated, among other things, with the fertility of the land and its natural feminine cycles. The constant alternation of retreat and flooding of the Nile was essential to the life of the Egyptians. Every summer the Nile flooded the fields, leaving the land fertile in the fall for farmers to sow the seeds.


When the crocodiles moved further into the country to lay their eggs at the beginning of the summer, the farmers knew that the flood would not be long in coming. They left the Nile valley and their simple mud huts and moved up towards the mountains.


The left half of the temple is dedicated to the god Horus.

Day 9: Assuan, Temple of Isis (Philae Temple)

After the construction of the Aswan Dam, some of Egypt’s most beautiful temples were under water. Including the famous Temple of Isis on the island of Philae. Thanks to support from abroad, the temple was able to be moved to another nearby island. What an achievement!

You can take a motorboat to the shores of the island of Agilkia.

The goddess Isis was often depicted as a mother. On her own mystery journey along the Nile, she collected the remains of her deceased husband Osiris. He was killed by his brother Seth and the body parts were scattered all over the country. Isis put the pieces back together and with the help of her magic and her Sister Nephtys she brought her husband back to life. Their son Horus was conceived and Osiris returned to the underworld.

Queen Isis learned the wisdom of the Hathors and delved deep into the mysticism of death and rebirth. It applies to the epitome of trust, especially where there seems to be no hope left. She was left alone by her friends and family and yet found the strength and faith within herself to embark on this journey. Later she was worshiped as the goddess that we can admire in the temples today.

We leave Aswan and head back to Esna on the Dahabiya. We still have two days left to end the trip relaxing on the Nile. On the evening of Day 9, we stop at one of my favorite places in Egypt and spend the night directly opposite the small temple of Gebel el Silsila.


Day 10: Gebel el Silsila

The sandstone quarry from which most of the temples in Luxor and along the Nile were built.


One of my personal, absolute favorite places in Egypt. Early in the morning we visit this magical place alone. After breakfast we return and let the guard take us to the roof of this wonderful quarry.


Let yourself be enchanted by the very special energy of this place.

Day 11: Esna, a magical journey comes to an end

On the last day of our trip we arrive back in Esna. After the farewell breakfast, our private bus will take us to Luxor. From here you can either go to the hotel or to the airport (we are happy to help with planning). Alternatively, you can extend your trip at this point and travel with us to the West Desert. (Max. 2-3 people).


Date: 19th-30th September 2024


5 nights in Luxor


5 nights on the Dahabiya


4-8 people (for 4 couples)


Registration by June 30, 2024 at the latest




Early bird €4,999 until January 31, 2024


Regular: €5,555


For couples: the second person only pays €2,222



* Transport Luxor airport accommodation


* Transport Esna-Luxor Airport/Luxor Hotel on departure day


* Overnight stay in Luxor (Modern Airbnb Apartment House. (Single room/double occupancy for couples)


* Meals in Luxor, 3 meals a day including snacks, water and juices.


* Transport Dahabiya + Excursions


* Entrance to temple complex


* Flights and VISAs

* Transport outside Egypt

* Transport airport outside Luxor

* Pocket money

* Tips

Our Terms and Conditions

Deposit for the trip after booking: €3,600.

After booking you have the right to cancel for four weeks. This means: You do not have to pay the remaining amount, your trip is forfeited and the deposit will be retained. (The deposit includes €2,600 for the reservation of the Dahabiya.)

The remaining amount must be paid by agreement, but at the latest 8 weeks before the start of the trip.

If there are too few registrations by the registration deadline, the trip will either be canceled and the previous bookings will be canceled (in this case, payments already made will be refunded), or a new price will be agreed with the previous registrations that will cover the expenses.

Registration by June 30, 2024 at the latest

Welcome Home

An invitation that we live from the heart. We want you to feel at home and truly welcome with us and in our beloved Egypt. Every single guest is part of our family and is welcomed into our home with Egyptian hospitality. Superficial business relationships are not ours.

Please notice: Since our sweet Child Rahim was born in January 2024, all Journeys will be with him.

Registration & Info

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All information will be treated as strictly confidential.


Mohamed and I look forward to getting to know you personally!

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