Your individual Egypt Experience

I myself traveled the Mysteries Way of Isis for three weeks in 2021. 

Starting with the great pyramids in Giza, taking the train to Luxor. From there to Dendera and Abydos, with the Dahabiya up the Nile to Aswan and ending the journey in Abu Simbel. Later, some more magical places followed like the West Desert and Sinai . Until now there is still more than enough for me to discover in Egypt.

In the following I will show you some various Travel options for your own, individual Journey. Do not hesitate to ask for other Places in Egypt, for sure, there are a lot more!

Travel alone 1:1, with your partner or I will support you on your own group trip.


Überblick auf der Karte

1. Pyramids of Gizeh

2. The spiritual center of Egypt: Luxor

3. Dendera, Tempel of Hathor

4. Abydos Temple of Osiris

5. Esna, Temple of Khnum

6. Edfu, Temple of Horus

7. Gebel el-Silsila, Sandstone Quarry

8. Komombo, Double-Temple of Sobek and Horus

9. Assuan, Temple of Isis (Philae) and much more…

10. Abu Simbel, Temple of  Ramses II und Nefertiri

11. West Desert, Kharga Oasis, Hibis Temple and Labakha Oasis

12. Sinai , St. Cathrine Cathedrale

13. Sarabit el-Khadim, Temple of Hathor


Travel with us

Carmen mit Mohamed und mir in Luxor.

Spirituality in harmony with the earthly

For both Mohamed and me, it is a matter close to our hearts that our guests feel at home and welcome. Both of us are Taurus – the perfect hosts!

In our marriage, two worlds collide and create a new one. While I ensure, among other things, that your journey is tailored to you on a spiritual level, Mohamed ensures that it can also be implemented.

Less is sometimes more

Which temples are calling to you? Which magical places offer the energies that serve you and how much integration time do you need? A program that is too full is more than counterproductive – even if there are so many wonderful places to discover! How much time and space do you need in the temples? Above all, we want to feel the energies and let them work, instead of letting ourselves be bombarded with information and all this outside of a strict tourist program, which is why I usually travel without a tour guide!

Egypt, our Home

As insiders, we give you a look behind the scenes and, above all, behind the prejudices. As Europeans, we can learn from the Egyptians (of course nowhere is perfect), such as appreciating the simple things in life more and also bringing our Yin and Yang imbalances into balance. During our trip together, you are cordially invited to have lunch with my mother-in-law and you will also come into contact and exchange ideas with the Egyptians.

"Whoever says Mary must also say Mohammed. Both make the stay something special. Why? They never intrude on you, they give you space, you are really warmly welcomed and they make everything possible for you. Maria opens doors to the soul to ancient Egypt ( and to himself) Mohammed organized like a world champion. And both of them as a team offer something like a home in Egypt. You feel safe. Highly recommended and happy again and again."

Your Journey with us

We live in Luxor, the former Thebes which served as the seat of government for the pharaohs for a long time. Even today I would call it the spiritual center of Egypt. There are a number of ancient temples here, including the largest and oldest of them “Karnak Temple”, which is connected to the Luxor Temple via the Sphinx Avenue. The Valley of Kings, Queens and the Valley of Nobles – endless graves from various reigns. The world-famous mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, Amenhotep III and the impressive Medinet Habu temple – to name just a few. Excavations are still taking place in numerous places today; palaces, villages, temples and tombs are being recovered from beneath the sands of time.

I recommend you start your trip here in Luxor. We live together in a cozy clay dome house on the edge of the Luxor desert, surrounded by green fields, between Medinet Habu and Malkata – the palace district of Amenhotep III. The cozy guest room with a domed roof can accommodate 2 guests. For group trips we rent a larger house in Luxor.

From here we visit the places of worship in Luxor, visit the souk, sail on the Nile or use the classic colorful motorboats to get from one bank to the other. Dendera, Abydos and Edfu are easily accessible by car, as is the West Desert.

If you want to visit the pyramids or Aswan, you can plan at least one overnight stay there.

In principle, it is of course your decision how much time you want to spend with us in Egypt. However, I can only recommend that you start with a whole week and extend it if necessary. The flights usually arrive in Luxor late in the evening, and the grounding program takes place here the next day (day 1). We only visit the first temple on day 2, after your system has arrived here in Egypt and has adapted to the energies and external circumstances. Seven days of Luxor including Dendera and Edfu, for example, can be wonderfully rounded off with a trip to the desert for 2-3 nights.

Our Prices:

We will discuss your individual soul journey through Egypt together in a Zoom call. Before your trip, I will prepare you for the trip step-by-step so that no questions remain unanswered and you feel well prepared to start your Visit.

You can get seven days in Egypt 1 on 1 for €1,770. (€250/day). If you come as a couple, you will pay €2,333 together (€333/day).

Included in the offer:

* Preparation for the trip in advance so that you arrive in Egypt in a relaxed manner.

* Transport Luxor Airport / Luxor Accommodation

* Meals and accommodation in our house

* Organization and travel support for Mohamed and me

Not included in the price:

* Flights to and within Egypt

* Transfer from another airport – Luxor accommodation

* Excursions and temple entry costs

* Pocket money and tips

Journey with the Dahabiya

The most beautiful way to travel on the Nile: on the Dahabiya you feel like you have been transported back thousands of years. The country presents itself to you in its original splendor. Feel like Pharaoh even as you sail past ancient temples, places of power and the beautiful green fields of Egypt.

We travel with the Dahabiya from Esna to Aswan. Visit Edfu, Gebel el-Silsila, Komombo and the Isis Temple.

You can plan six days for this deeply decelerating journey on the Nile.

Rooms: 2 suites, 2 rooms with queen size beds, 2 rooms with 2 single beds.

Book at least 2 months in advance (or if you’re lucky, try at short notice).

Price on request.


Your Trip into the West-Desert

What better way to end a spiritual journey than with a stay in the silence and vastness of the desert?

From Luxor we drive to the Kharga Oasis, where we first visit the beautiful Hibis Temple. From Kharga we go even deeper into the desert.

A secret tip. A little pearl and oasis seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Difficult to reach for normal tourists.

Sayed and his family welcome us here. A small clay accommodation, a natural water pool with a view of the desert, vegetable and fruit cultivation and ancient temple ruins within walking distance. A place and people that I call my second home.

Book your get to now Zoom Call with Maria

I would be happy to explain your options in a personal conversation, even if it involves traveling without us, but with our support. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you!

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Our Terms and Conditions

Deposit for the trip after booking: 1/2 of the total amount.

After booking you have the right to cancel for four weeks. This means: You do not have to pay the remaining amount, your trip is forfeited. The deposit will be retained in any case.

Exception: booking the Dahabiya, no cancellation is possible here, the entire amount must be paid in any case.

The remaining amount is to be paid by agreement, but at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the trip.

The selected date can be postponed within the first 4 weeks. After the deadline, another deposit is due. (Exception: booking the Dahabiya).

The Mysteries Journey of Isis - Group Experience

11 Days Egypt

19th - 30th September 2024

Your Isis mystery journey as a group experience: September 19th – September 30th, 2024. 5 nights in Luxor and 5 nights on the beautiful Dahabiya up the Nile to Aswan. For women and men. Do not miss the special offer for couples.

"The trip with Maria was magical, indescribable and emotional. In Egypt I experienced many emotional highs and lows that I was only able to get through thanks to Maria's support. Even a year later, I am endlessly grateful for this unique opportunity. I will never forget the experiences . With Maria I visited temples and hidden places before the tourists came. It was simply magical. Maria's knowledge and passion made the trip unforgettable. The encounters with locals touched my soul. Thanks to Maria's care, I was able to fully surrender to the emotional moments. I recommend anyone who feels the call to visit Egypt to do so with Maria. It is a journey that is deeply touching. Thank you Maria for this unforgettable experience."